The Tibetan Terrier originates from the desolate remote land of Tibet situated high up in the Himalayan Mountains in Asia.
This very ancient breed has developed to survive the harsh conditions of Tibet with its extremes of weather and terrain.
Dogs were kept in the monasteries and used by the nomads to herd and guard their animals.
The breed was rarely seen outside of Tibet until Dr. Greig was presented with one as a present for treating a sick Tibetan.
She obtained other dogs and brought them back to the United Kingdom in the 1920's.
These were bred from and with dog brought from Tibet later, and these formed the basis of the breed as we now
 see them worldwide. Many pedigrees can be traced back to the original bitch Bunti.
born: 9th October, 1927
bred by Buddiman (Lama of Tibet) & owned by Mrs A.R.Greig
Thoombay was the first champion in the breed in the United Kingdom