Your rescue dog has come into the system through no fault of his own.
He is not going to be the "perfect" dog.  He is going to be confused and frightened and will
be wondering what is going to happen to him next.
Whatever the circumstances that have led up to him being re-homed, good or bad,
everything familiar to him has gone.
Although he has been housetrained, the upset and strange environment may mean
that there could be accidents until he gets used to his new home, and you get
used to reading the signs that say "I need to go out!". 
Your rescue dog needs a quiet and patient environment to help him settle in.  Shouting at him will
only upset and confuse him further, and will make things worse.
We try to find out as much as we can about the dogs we help re-home but rely on people telling us the truth.
We are here to help with advice and information to assist you with any problems you may have.
Taking on a re-home dog should not be done without giving it a great of thought.  We try, where possible, to
home-check all new homes before we place a dog with them.
Your rescue dog may settle with you in a couple of weeks or may take several months,
but hopefully at the end of this time you will have a valued addition to your household who will bring
you much love & affection and lots of fun.
We re-home dogs at all ages from very young to very old.  If you are interested in obtaining 
a Tibetan Terrier from our Welfare & Rescue scheme,
please contact one of the officers below and you will be sent an application form.
Please note we do have a waiting list.
The Tibetan Terrier Association is always looking for
special homes for dogs who need to find new people to love them.
Please note that all homes will be checked before we place a dog in them.
We wish to advise people who adopt Tibetan Terriers from other organisations,
 that the Tibetan Terrier Association and its Welfare & Rescue service
 cannot accept any responsibility for actions taken by any other rescue service. 
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